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It's not just you... everyone is suffering from the noise of the online space (including on LinkedIn), and finding it increasingly difficult to command the attention of your would-be clients. Whether you're advertising, emailing, or using social media to reach out and connect with new prospects, there's one asset that will serve you above all others, and will make the difference between "crickets" and a flood of new opportunities... POSITIONING!

In this event, Matt Hodkinson, Head of Growth Ownership at TGO, walks you through the "checkboxes" you must tick in the buyer brain, in order to guarantee their attention, retain their interest, and make yours the only viable solution.

What's covered:

- The sub-conscious feelings to elicit in your buyers, before they'll pay you any attention
- Language to unlock resistance, and take prospect conversations forward
- The frameworks you'll need, to start your own journey to ultimate differentiation

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