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Watch: Build a Pipeline Certainty Engine (Recorded webinar)


How is it that some companies seem to generate all the B2B leads and sales opportunities they can handle, whilst others wait for the scraps to fall from the table?

In our first intensive of 2022, we show you the exact steps required to generate torrents of new business, and build a Pipeline Certainty Engine, so you can finally put your marketing and business development doubts behind you.

Bold claim?

See for yourself, as we not only discuss the theory and teach a step-by-step approach to creating consistent revenue, but also share real world examples from the MSP and consultancy space.

We'll show you how to...

  • Create a no brainer offer that positions your business as the only viable option in any marketplace
  • Separate yourself from the "connect-and-pitch" crowd, across the go-to marketing channels of email and LinkedIn
  • Guarantee a successful outcome to any campaign
  • And much, much more...

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