Pipeline Certainty for your MSP or B2B Consultancy

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Pipeline Certainty for your MSP or B2B Consultancy 

If we could completely transform your positioning, and differentiate your MSP or Consultancy business in a day, so that your pipeline 6x, would you be interested?
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This is Bob.

Bob knows where his next client is coming from.

Bob nailed his positioning before throwing money at marketing.

Bob doesn't look like every other IT company, because he is completely differentiated.

Bob 6x his deal volume in 90 days.

Bob booked a call with us.

Be like Bob.

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"The biggest thing is that we are now getting more meetings and with more regularity as a result of implementing the approach"

Artem Zhanabaev

/ DataArt

"Everyone found the workshop fantastic - in terms of the process, the output and your facilitation"

"It's systematically creating the front-end of our business"

"When you're bringing up a framework or a concept, I'm able to translate that into what will work for my business and implement it"

Ali El-Moghraby

/ Consultancy Growth Network


What do our cheerleaders have to say?

After seriously bribing our clients, this is what they had to say about us...

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We've curated 11 ways to help you earn the attention of more high-value prospects, in order to illicit an "I F***ING LOVE THAT!" response. 


Position for Attention

Learn how to hijack the buyer brain, by guaranteeing your prospect's attention, retaining their interest, and ensuring your solution is the only viable option.

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